Molecular Biology Services

Molecular Cloning

Create a DNA vector construct of your choice with us. From RNA interference and GFP-marked proteins to complex fusion proteins, we offer comprehensive assistance. Our services within molecular cloning range from identifying the most effective organism-specific promoter and selection marker, providing advanced 2D and 3D modeling to fine-tune the expression product and whole gene synthesis.


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Genetically modified cell lines

With our custom-made genetically modified cell lines, using the innovative CRISPR/Cas9 technology, we enable a multitude of genetic modifications to support your research. Our services encompass gene knockouts for functional studies, gene knock-ins for overexpression or rescue experiments, and precise gene modifications to investigate specific genetic variations. By providing these versatile options, we empower you to delve deeper into gene function, disease mechanisms, and potential therapeutic avenues.

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CRO services

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO), we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique research needs. Our service portfolio includes more than just the state-of-the-art technologies listed on our website. We bring additional value by leveraging emerging techniques, such as machine learning and specialized assays, to maximize your project’s scope and quality. Our mission is to ensure you receive the most forward-thinking research solutions, backed by the latest technological advancements.

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Next Generation Sequencing services

Whole Genome Sequencing

Dive into the world of Whole Genome Sequencing with our tailored services. We offer more than just raw data; we provide customized analysis to give your research the data it needs. Our services encompass complete genetic landscape mapping, variant detection, comparative genomics, and more, all tailored to your specific research needs. Empower your research with the most detailed genetic information available, interpreted by our seasoned experts to guide your groundbreaking investigations.

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Whole RNA Sequencing

Dive into the world of RNA sequencing with our customized Whole Transcriptome Sequencing services. We don’t just provide raw sequencing data; we deliver a tailored analysis to streamline your research focus. Our services encompass differential gene expression, novel transcript identification, and splice variant analysis, among others, all designed to meet your specific research objectives. With our expert analysis, you gain insights into the complex world of RNA, propelling your innovative research to new heights.

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SMRT Sequencing

Unlock the potential of long-read sequencing with our Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing services. We offer more than just raw data; our customized analysis taps into the advantages of long-read sequencing, providing a holistic view of the genome and its complexities. Our services encompass detection of structural variations, complex genomic regions analysis, and comprehensive epigenetic methylation landscape mapping. Harness the power of SMRT sequencing with us and explore deeper genomic insights to propel your groundbreaking research to new frontiers.

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