Whole Genome Sequencing

Dive into the world of Whole Genome Sequencing with our tailored services. We offer more than just raw data; we provide customized analysis to give your research the data it needs. Our services encompass complete genetic landscape mapping, variant detection, comparative genomics, and more, all tailored to your specific research needs. Empower your research with the most detailed genetic information available, interpreted by our seasoned experts to guide your groundbreaking investigations.


Additional benefits:


3-year warranty and safe storage of data with unlimited access: The generation of sequencing data can lead to large and complex data sets, demanding significant storage space that may not be readily available or cost-effective for individual researchers or smaller institutions. By storing raw and analyzed data on our secure servers, we relieve you of the burden of data management. Additionally, the three-year unlimited access allows you to revisit and analyze the data for new insights as your research evolves, which is particularly valuable for long-term projects and follow-up studies.


24-hour response time: By providing timely responses, we ensure that these crucial insights aren't lost or delayed, allowing for the necessary adjustments to the analysis or experiment design to be made swiftly. This quick feedback loop aids you in keeping your project on track, enhances the iterative process of scientific inquiry, and ultimately contributes to more robust and insightful outcomes. With us, your questions are promptly addressed, keeping your research moving forward without delay.


Hard to process sample preparation: Nucleic acid isolation can be a challenging process, especially from difficult-to-process samples such as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sections. For many researchers, especially those without access to specialized lab equipment or expertise, this can be a significant hurdle. However, with our service, we eliminate this concern. We handle the complex process of nucleic acid isolation from any sample you provide, ensuring that even the most challenging materials are effectively processed.


Ready to use full materials and methods and publication data: Providing a ready-to-use, comprehensive materials and methods and descriptions is a key component of our service. Drafting a materials and methods section can be time-consuming and complex, potentially requiring several hours to days of a researcher's time depending on the complexity of the procedures used. By supplying a detailed, publication-ready description, we free up significant time for our customers.

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Examples Of What You Can Do

Whole genome sequencing allows for the comparison of genomes across various cell lines, tissues, model organisms, individuals, or populations. This enables researchers to pinpoint genetic factors contributing to variances in disease susceptibility, drug responses, and other phenotypic traits.


Furthermore, by contrasting the genomes of cancer cells with their healthy counterparts, researchers can identify genetic mutations that may spur tumor growth or contribute to drug resistance. Such information paves the way for developing more efficient treatments, such as targeted therapies that exploit specific genetic weaknesses of cancer cells.


Whole genome sequencing fosters a comprehensive understanding of cancer’s genetic underpinnings, thereby accelerating the advent of personalized medicine and improving patient outcomes. At Deep Biotech Solutions, we provide this indispensable tool to enhance your research endeavors and foster significant scientific advancements.

Whole genome sequencing provides an encompassing view of an individual’s genetic composition, enabling the identification of genetic variations linked to drug response or resistance. By pinpointing genetic factors that account for discrepancies in drug response, researchers can cultivate more efficient, personalized treatments.


Furthermore, whole genome sequencing can be employed to detect genetic mutations associated with adverse drug reactions, facilitating the creation of safer medications. This technology also aids in identifying potential drug targets and understanding drug mechanisms of action, which can guide the development of novel therapies. At Deep Biotech Solutions, we leverage the power of whole genome sequencing to facilitate advancements in personalized medicine and safe, targeted treatment development.

Whole genome sequencing provides a comprehensive snapshot of an individual’s genetic composition, enabling the identification of genetic variations potentially associated with various phenotypic traits or disease states. By comparing the genomes of different cell lines, tissues, model organisms, or individuals with distinct phenotypes, researchers can pinpoint genetic factors contributing to phenotypic variations, such as height, weight, or susceptibility to certain diseases.


Furthermore, whole genome sequencing can identify genetic mutations potentially linked to rare or previously undiscovered diseases, offering fresh insights into disease mechanisms. It can also detect genetic variations contributing to complex diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease. This allows for the development of more targeted therapies, and generates valuable data for scientific publications – augmenting the impact and visibility of the research.


At Deep Biotech Solutions, we leverage the comprehensive power of whole genome sequencing to support your research needs and to enable ground-breaking discoveries in phenotypic and disease-related genetic variations.

Whole genome sequencing offers a comprehensive overview of genetic variations found in a cell line, tissue, model organism, individual, or population. This enables the identification of both disease-causing and background mutations. The technology can pinpoint rare genetic variants often undetectable by other techniques such as microarray analysis.


Such capability proves particularly crucial in studying complex diseases where multiple genetic factors can contribute to disease susceptibility. Additionally, whole genome sequencing facilitates the discovery of background mutations that might influence the interpretation of experimental results, and allows for monitoring of the genetic stability of models over time. By partnering with Deep Biotech Solutions, you can unlock the vast potential of whole genome sequencing to enhance your research and discovery processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a process that determines the complete DNA sequence of an organism’s genome at a single time. Our WGS service not only provides raw data but also includes customized analysis, such as genetic landscape mapping and variant detection, to give you the insights needed for your research.

Absolutely. We have a team of experienced bioinformaticians who can interpret the vast data generated from WGS. They can perform tasks such as identifying genetic variants, comparative genomics, and more, tailored to your specific needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in analyzing the large and complex data sets generated by WGS. AI can identify patterns and make predictions that may not be possible with traditional data analysis methods, providing deeper and more meaningful insights into your genome data.

Our 3-year warranty and secure storage of data relieve you of the burden of managing large and complex WGS data sets. This service also provides unlimited access to your data, allowing you to revisit and analyze the data for new insights as your research evolves.

Yes. We can handle nucleic acid isolation from any sample type, even those that are difficult to process such as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sections. Our expertise ensures effective processing and high-quality results, regardless of sample complexity.

Our 24-hour response time service means that we respond to any questions or requests related to your WGS project within a day. This rapid feedback allows for adjustments to be made swiftly, helping keep your project on track and ensuring the best possible outcomes.

This service includes the provision of a comprehensive materials and methods section ready for publication. Drafting this section can be complex and time-consuming, so we handle it for you, saving you significant time and effort.

Our WGS service allows for the detection of both small and large genetic variants across the entire genome. This comprehensive view can help identify genetic variations associated with diseases, guiding further research and potential therapeutic developments.

Comparative genomics allows for the comparison of genetic features between different species or individuals. This analysis, facilitated by our WGS service, can offer insights into evolutionary relationships, function of unknown genes, and identification of unique or shared genomic features.

Reach out to us if you have any queries about our products. We assure you of a response within 24 hours.

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